$10 Indulgences That Pay Off by Beverly Delidow

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Oct 30th, 2013

$10 billI’ll admit it right off the bat – none of this is new. You’ve seen it all, read it all, heard it all – probably more than once. Just call me the Reminder Fairy, because I know you forget it all, too. Here’s how it goes:

Don’t you have those days when you’re so harried you just need a little pick-me-up? You’re running from pillar to post, your energy reserves are close to nothing and you’re going to bite someone if one more thing goes wrong. Been there?
Sometimes to feel your best, work your best, be your best, you need to indulge yourself – just a little. Here are ten perfectly reasonable indulgences you can use to stoke your fires, rally your energy and keep on going, all without breaking the bank!
  1. Chocolates (or whatever treat makes you roll in ecstasy). Yeah – I know, this is a no-brainer. But I mean the REALLY good stuff. One hand-dipped giant strawberry covered in deep, rich, dark chocolate from the best candy shop in town. One bar of your favorite imported sweet. One bakery tart, all delicately flaky, giving you the come-hither look with its little almond sprinkles, waiting for you to nibble. Give yourself an indulgence and savor it s-l-o-w-l-y.
  2. A good book or magazine. Pick up something that strikes your eye, maybe something out of the ordinary and take a walk on a new side of yourself. We need to indulge our brains as much – or more – than our taste buds.
  3. Music. Any kind, in any form. There’s a reason they call it playing music – it brings out something young and free. I am a complete sucker for downloadable music. There are several good services that let you play samples, browse new music, and then download selections in seconds at very reasonable prices. Whether it’s one or two tracks or a whole album – find something new that surprises you, makes you laugh, makes you want to dance and go for it! (I found the album “Bunnies and Muffins” by Mochipet – the title made me laugh, the music made me laugh and bounce in my chair, and it’s one of the silliest things I have in my collection – I absolutely love it and it takes the sting out of a bad day at work.)
  4. Packs of cleaner wipes. Yes, this sounds crazy – how can cleaning products be an indulgence? Yuck! But think about it – how many little messes we have to deal with each week. Giving yourself a quick way to clean the counter, wipe the floor, disinfect whatever needs it, without hauling out multiple products and without having to deal with a dirty cloth afterwards, is such a bonus!
  5. Have a latté/tea/soft drink and a treat during a shopping run. Coffee drinks are one of my common indulgences, my necessary fuel. If you’re spending hours on a Saturday doing all those errands for your family, a fifteen-minute sit-down with a nice cup of coffee and a small sweet can be the juice that keeps you going. It’s worth it!
  6. The good moisturizer. Who among us hasn’t looked at our hard-working hands, feet, elbows and thought, “Oh yikes!” Treat yourself to the lotion, cream, bar that makes your skin feel like it’s silky and new again.
  7. A scented candle. There’s something incredibly powerful about aromas we like. They can evoke wonderful memories and totally revamp a stressed-out mood. Whether you go for scents that are herbal, floral, spicy, or soothing – find one you like and light up your world.
  8. A special treat to go with a meal. Buy your favorite berries, even when they’re not on sale. Get a bottle of nice table wine. Get some really good olive oil or balsamic vinegar you like to cook with. Get your favorite brand of crackers and a really delicious dip or spread. When you feed your body well, you feed all you do and care for. Treat yourself to good food – the time, money, and energy will be well spent.
  9. Something small and funky that reminds you of being YOU. I have a soft spot for silly socks – red ones with sparkly penguins, blue ones with dogs on them or cats on them – they make me smile. As an alternative, get one of these items for someone you care about. The year I gave my grandmother socks with elephants (her favorite) on them for her birthday, she was laughing so hard when she called she could hardly talk. That moment was worth every penny.
  10. Support a cause that you believe in – give $10 in cash or donations to your local food bank, animal shelter, women’s shelter, city mission, a park, an art museum, whatever sparks your heart at the moment. It helps your community and it will come back to you.

Do something nice for yourself when you need a lift. Your mood, your energy, your work and everyone around you will benefit, too.

© 2010 Beverly Delidow | delidow@marshall.edu

Beverly Delidow is a professor, writer, and photographer in West Virginia. She has published articles, fiction, poetry, and photographs in a number of forms.

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