Career Reinvention by Larina Kase

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Apr 9th, 2014
Note from Meggin:  Here are some ideas from Larina Kase that could be helpful to you or to those with whom you work.  Many people are exploring career reinvention.  I think you’ll find these useful:
I believe that reinvention should be part evolution and part revolution. You may choose to move up in the same direction that you’ve been heading or steer towards a completely new course.

Whatever you do, realize that your career reinvention is a fine-tuning of your personal brand. It entails others’ perception of you and the way that you present yourself.

On the evolution side, hold the factors constant that have made your career successful. Continue to develop these aspects. These are things such as:

  1. Your interpersonal strengths
  2. Your natural talents
  3. Your education and learned skill sets
  4. Aspects of your personal brand, such as your professional image and communication style, and that fit the new avenue you’re pursuing

On the revolution side:

  1. An entirely new direction or field
  2. A new target audience (customers or clients)
  3. New strategic alliances. For business owners, a new set of investors. For people who have jobs, new colleagues.
  4.  Aspects of your personal brand (professional image, etc.) that you need to modify to fit the new avenue you’re pursuing
  5. Personal development to strengthen areas that are important in the new direction. For example, communication skills, focus and efficiency.
  6. Professional development to strengthen areas that are important in the new direction (job training, specific skill development, mentoring and training)

Think about some ways to reinvent your career and make the changes YOU want.

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