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Feb 3rd, 2015


I am delighted that you are considering being part of this collaborative effort.

These are the Top Ten Productivity Tips Series that you could consider writing for:

  • Top Ten Productivity Tips for Coaches
  • Top Ten Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs
  • Top Ten Productivity Tips for Professors
  • Top Ten Productivity Tips for Women
  • Top Ten Productivity Tips for Writers

If you would like to apply to be a contributor to the  “Top Tens,” please download the Contributor Application form and then send it to me as an attachment, along with a sample set of tips.

If you have questions or have not been a contributor before, please read our frequently asked questions:

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If you are not already subscribed (free) to the Top Ten Productivity Tips, please sign up today. That is one of the best ways to see the format and way that these are distributed.

Here are examples of previously submitted and published tips:

Productive Habits to Get Your Writing Done by Christine Whitmarsh

Rebuttals to Writing Procrastination by Gina Hiatt, Ph.D.

Keep a Positive Attitude by Kevin Ciccotti

Academic Journal Article Acceptance by Mary Beth Averill

Managing Your Inner Critic by Eric Mecseji

Reduce Forgetfulness by Reducing Clutter by Barbara Hemphill

Phrases to Eliminate by Darla Arni

How NOT to Use a To-Do List by Beverly Delidow

Organized Travel Planning by Lisa Montanaro

Wisen Up and Get Real by Michelle Parvin

Stay Clutter Free by Rita Emmett

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