Feng Shui to Enhance Your Potential by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

By meggin@meggin.com
Apr 18th, 2013

feng shui 2Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of adjusting the environment to enhance potential.  What kind of “potential” you ask?  How about: cash flow, new clients, new business opportunities, marketing and sales contacts, media exposure.  The list goes on and on.  There are different approaches and schools, all with their own guidelines and protocol, but some BASICS are common to any good Feng Shui business advice:

  1. Locate your desk with a view of your MOST IMPORTANT unclosed project in front of you.  (This programs your subconscious mind to “attract” what is needed to move toward this goal.)

  2. Place decision-makers with a solid wall behind their desks.  (Windows and doors at your back create disturbed energy patterns and may scatter attention and focus.)

  3. Remove sharp, pointed objects or turn their corners away from primary work areas.  (Known as “poison arrows”, these objects create perturbances around us that decrease productivity.) 

  4. Optimize interior water features by: using at least 1-3 quarts of water, in cascading formats, with flows in ONE and only one direction.

  5. Avoid locating sales staff with heavily trafficked hallways and corridors at their backs.  (Unless you want them to become “bottom feeders” instead of “top producers”.)

  6. Support admin staff by adjusting their desks so they do not line up in a straight line with major entrances, Bathrooms or large windows.  (If you have this situation: tilt desk slightly away from facing influence and place a live plant on corner closest to it.)

  7. Host important meetings in areas that have natural sunlight, round or oval conference tables and one focus of attention.  (If you meet in rooms without natural sunlight, use “full spectrum” light bulbs, available in both incandescent and fluorescent styles.)

  8. Improve output by deleting clutter from: corners of rooms, tops of desks, perimeter of work areas and all entrances.

  9. Use ergonomic seating. (ALWAYS!)

  10. Create a “screen of the mind” by clearing an area 2′ x 3′ (size of a desk pad) on top of your desk.  Keep this area for ONE and only one project at a time.

(Talk about hyper-focusing…WOW)

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Energy balancing your business with the consistent use of Feng Shui principles can IMPROVE your BOTTOM LINE! Adele Trebil has 20 years experience enhancing success potentials in both business and residential environments.

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