Generate Your Genius by Lisa Mantkus

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Oct 30th, 2013

GeniusAs women, we have so much genius it is impossible to comprehend.  To make sure you tap into that genius, here are ten tips:

  1. Keep your cell phone handy in your car to utilize it as a Dictaphone (Voice Memo).  Ideas come to us when we aren’t asking for them.  You don’t want to lose a brilliant thought!  (Note:  Make sure you are being safe and legal when you make your recordings, of course!!)
  2. Make a Vision Board every year.  The universe sends pictures.  “See it and believe it.”  If you don’t know what a Vision Board is, just Google the phrase “vision board” and you will find a myriad places to learn more.
  3. If there is something that you really want–ask for it!  Put it out there – both for your own genius to work on and the genius of others.  You have trusted individuals in your life…tap into them.
  4. Look at the colors outside of your box.  We become too comfortable within our box. There are more colors outside than within.  Imagine that?!
  5. Trust your intuition.  The “pings and pangs” within your gut is true and genuine.
  6. Be the true genuine you.  If you try to be what and who you think you are supposed to be, it will backfire.  Don’t chase your tail.
  7. Reinvent your wheel.  You may do so as often as you like.
  8. Post its®!  Write ideas down as they come to you.  The idea is a gift.  Accept it.
  9. Realize that you will never be Barbie.  But also know others (clients, students, customers, colleagues, loved ones) are coming to see a genuine you, not Barbie.
  10. Enjoy what you see in the mirror.  Remember it as a reflection; the reality is what is standing in front of it.

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