How NOT to Remind Yourself by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.

Sep 16th, 2013

Ribbon around fingerAs a principal, you have A LOT to keep up with.  Here are some sure-fire ways to FORGET what you need to do.

  1. Layers of Post-it® notes around your monitor (so any importance is lost).
  2. Writing on your hand.
  3. Thinking about it while you’re doing something else.
  4. Post-it® notes on your steering wheel.
  5. Depending on someone else to remind you (unless you’re paying that person).
  6. Not carrying your planner or electronic device (iPhone, Palm) with you all the time.
  7. Overscheduling yourself.
  8. Sticky notes on your forehead. (You’ve probably seen the cartoon).
  9. Saying “yes” to things you don’t really plan to do.
  10. Deluding yourself that you don’t need any kind of reminder.

Being able to remember what you need to do so you can do it (i.e., following through on your commitments) is part of being a peacefully productive principal. Avoid any of the ones listed above…and stay tuned for a future week where you get a list of what TO USE (but my guess is that you know good ways – so feel free to send me your favorite one(s) and I’ll share them, with attribution, of course).

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