Improve Your Attitude by Darla Arni

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Sep 22nd, 2013

Happy womanAttitude isn’t something that’s happening to us. It’s something we have control over. It’s a choice and little changes can reap big rewards.  Here are ten – oh wait – twelve tips for improving your own (and others’) attitude.

  1. Pay attention to your appearance.  Negative self-image adds to a negative attitude. Strive for healthy.
  2. Be mindful of your self-talk.  What messages are you sending yourself all day long, positive or negative?
  3. Change your choice of words.  Check your habit words; they could be making your attitude worse.
  4. Positive in = positive out.  Use books, quotes, tapes, CD’s, mp3s to create a positive you.
  5. Keep track of the positives.  Whatever works: blessing book, journal, computer calendar, remind yourself of the good in your life.
  6. Encouraging others can help you both.  Each of us should act as a service industry. We’re here to do not just take.
  7. Stop hanging around negative people.  Don’t try to change them or help them, just avoid, walk away, say NO!
  8. Shake it up a bit.  Different can be good! Get out of your rut and find yourself.
  9. Lighten up!  You don’t have to be a comedian to enjoy the benefits of humor.
  10. Tune in to nature.  Use it for exercise, reading, gardening, getting lost; get outside and transform.
  11. Quit being a media junkie: turn out and turn it off.  You don’t need to know what’s happening around the world 24/7.
  12. Schedule time for yourself.  ‘ME’ time keeps you from feeling resentful and less out of control.

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