Irritating Your Co-workers by Kimberly Medlock

By admin
Mar 30th, 2014
It is up to you how you want to share this list, but it might be one to take to a staff meeting so that you can come up with some policies that everyone will abide by (or to determine some additional items that should be on the list!)
The Top Ten Ways to Irritate Your Co-Workers are…
  1. Leaving the coffee pot empty.
  2. Abandoning the copier, fax, etc. when it is in need of a refill.
  3. Hovering over others while they are on the phone.
  4. Talking too loudly.
  5. Causing extra work for others.
  6. Sending email spam (jokes, stories, warnings, etc.)
  7. Leaving a mess in the break room, bathroom, etc.
  8. Making excuses or blaming others for not getting your work done on time.
  9. Having a negative attitude, complaining about too much work to do.
  10. Talking too much.

All of these irritants, when removed, make for a more productive school work environment.

© Kimberly Medlock is a speaker, trainer, author and coach for Productive Matters, helping others discover how to get things done quicker, easier and better with less time, resources and hassle. You can contact her at, call 662-893-7933 visit her website at  Productive Matters.

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