Bad Meeting Habits by Kimberly Medlock

By admin
Oct 1st, 2013

Woman blowing bubbleHere are bad meeting habits both for you to consider and to share with your staff (who might also share with their students):

  1. Having a meeting without a written agenda.
  2. Starting late.
  3. Not being prepared with necessary information.
  4. Crunching on ice, hard candy, etc.
  5. Fumbling with noisy “crunchy” snack bags, wrappers, etc.
  6. Whispering to others while someone is talking.
  7. Wildly shaking your head when you agree or disagree with what is being covered.
  8. Closing your eyes, dozing.
  9. Checking your email, Blackberry, etc. while others are talking.
  10. Interrupting others when they are talking.

We ALL need to be more considerate and productive at meetings.  Schools have NO TIME to waste.  The work is too important.

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