Minimizing Incoming Paper & Information by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

In General
Oct 1st, 2013

Stack of papersWe certainly don’t live in a paperless society and we definitely do live in the information age. Reducing the flow of paper and information into our lives requires proactive steps. The less random paper and information you have to deal with, the more productive you can be. Implement at least one of the following steps this week and then another one each week until you have done everything you can to minimize the incoming “flow.”

  1. While you cannot sign up for no fax lists, it is against the law for people to send unsolicited faxes (see here for more information).
  2. Get a powerful spam blocker for your email. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should have one built it, but you often have to activate it. Then, you need to have software installed on your computer that further blocks the emails that get through your ISP.
  3. Install a pop-up blocker so that you aren’t bombarded by annoying pop-ups when you are working on the web.
  4. Ask that your name be removed from office routing slips.
  5. Ask that your name be removed from others’ email lists.
  6. Open all your mail by the trashcan. Be ruthless about throwing out mail–often before you even open it.
  7. Say “no thanks” when others ask if you would like to receive….
  8. Turn off the TV, radio, etc. You are pelted with information and sometimes, you need to say, “Enough is enough.”

Live it up. Do two or more right now! It starts making a difference, believe me!

Meggin says, “I wish that registering with all these services truly worked. I know from experience that too often, telemarketers ignore the lists and call, mail, or fax anyway. However, some people do follow your requests so it’s worth trying to screen out some of the ‘stuff.'”

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