Myth of Multi-Tasking by Donna R. Hyatt

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Oct 14th, 2013

MultitaskingOver the years people, especially women, have worn the badge of multi-tasking with honor. The truth is that multi-tasking is a myth resulting in lack of focus, mistakes, wasted time and overwhelm!  Here are ten tips to help you get perspective on focus and forward momentum (vs. the myth of multitasking).

  1. Is the activity you are currently engaged in or about to start helping or hindering the accomplishment of your main objective?  (Hint: If you don’t have a main objective – stop!  Determine the objective and then move forward, eliminate busy work).
  2. Write down goals and tasks, not as “To Do” lists but with an eye to achieving the real outcome you are seeking.
  3. Prioritize tasks by the A,B,C method.  A = Urgent & Important; B = Important but not urgent; C = Would be nice to get done.
  4. Break down larger tasks into smaller tasks allowing for flexibility of time. If you need to move to another task or are interrupted, you still have accomplished a task when you get these smaller tasks done! Yahoo!
  5. Turn off the phone during your lunch time, focus on “you” time (Added bonus: you’ll eat less at each meal by focusing on the task at hand)
  6. Eliminate other distractions. When concentration is vital, close the door to your office or post a “Focus Zone” sign at your office space and ask that all honor this time.
  7. Focusing on one task until its completion will ensure that it is done right the first time!  Nothing is more frustrating (and less productive) than redoing tasks that could (and should) have been done right the first time, if only we had focused.
  8. Limit e-mails and business related “social media” to a one-hour maximum time chunk each morning and afternoon.
  9. Focus! Yes, I really mean it!  I know you can do this.  You focus on your coaching clients when you are working with them, right?  So I know you can focus on other aspects of your work, too.
  10. Give each area of your life its due respect: work at work, personal life at home, etc.

When we take the time and focus to accomplish each task that is moving us toward our goals, we avoid being pulled in too many directions and we finish what we set out to do, we do it well and feel better about ourselves. Make a commitment to yourself and a life free of multi-tasking.

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To read more about this topic, order The Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw.

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