Organize Your Coaching Schedule by Marti Benjamin

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Dec 23rd, 2013

Organize your work schedule to increase your productivity, improve your focus and optimize your energy.

  1. Create an Ideal Schedule Template with blocks of time devoted to client work, marketing, administrative and other tasks.
  2. Cluster client appointments together and let clients know what you have available, rather than letting them drive your schedule.
  3. Schedule a break of at least 15 minutes after coaching three clients consecutively. Use the time to clear your head, move your body and drink water. You’ll be a better coach for your next client(s).
  4. Allow time in your Ideal Schedule to continue your professional development; build your coaching skills through classes, books, papers and mentoring. With the added skill comes additional ease.
  5. Notice when your energy level is strongest during the day and schedule your creative tasks to match your energy peaks.
  6. Write a business plan and use it to direct your actions in building and monitoring your business.
  7. Say no to clients that don’t fit well; refer them to a colleague so they receive the benefit of a strong match and you don’t agonize over trying to fit their needs. Clients that don’t fit well drain your energy to a greater extent than they add to your bank account.
  8. Use the talents of others to supplement your own strengths. Delegate the tasks that destroy your energy and optimism to someone who can complete them with ease and relieve you of the chore.
  9. At the end of each week, tabulate the hours spent focused on your business priorities. Was it what you planned? If not, what needs to shift in order to achieve your target?
  10. Be coached to maintain your focus on creating the business of your dreams.

As an independent professional, there’s no one else to provide the structure of a well-organized schedule. You get to create the schedule template that allows you to meet your business objectives, while enjoying your work. Follow these tips to tailor your schedule to your ideal business.

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