Overcoming Reading Overwhelm by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

By meggin@meggin.com
In General
Nov 21st, 2013

You have probably read statistics about how much information we have coming at us – through books, recordings, newspapers, Internet sites, billboards, advertisements at grocery stores, etc. I won’t list any more statistics here – you know it can be pretty overwhelming.  Here are 10 ideas for overcoming reading and information overwhelm.

  1. Eliminate at least one magazine or professional journal to which you currently subscribe or purchase on a weekly/monthly basis.
  2. Go through your mail while standing next to the wastebasket &/or recycling bin.
  3. For one week (or even one month!) throw away EVERY SINGLE catalog you receive.
  4. If you start reading a book and it doesn’t “grab” you, close it and give the book away.
  5. Recognize that there are “seasons” in your reading.
  6. Set aside time each day (or week) to read.
  7. Purchase software that will support your reading needs. For example, TextAloud from NextUp.
  8. For heaven’s sake, learn to read faster! (More on this in an upcoming Top Ten Productivity Tips). For now, you might want to check out books by Abby Marks-Beale, 10 Days to Faster Reading or The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading.
  9. Start a “Read” folder and only allow it to become a certain size and then carry your “Read” folder with you.
  10. Gently but firmly refuse what others are offering you to read.

If you are willing to take one, two, or even all ten of the actions offered here, then you WILL overcome the overwhelm!  It’s your decision about whether you want to immediately implement these ideas that will keep you from having too much to read.  It really is your choice and your choices will make a difference that is immediately noticeable.

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