Phrases to Remember by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

In General
Aug 26th, 2013

String tied on fingerA number of statements and phrases are worth remembering in your quest to be more productive. Consider these ten:

  1. ‘No, but thanks for asking.’
  2. ‘Not now.’
  3. ‘Let me get back to you after I’ve checked on a few things.’
  4. ‘I am busy right now, but let’s schedule a time to meet or to talk by phone.’
  5. ‘Let me verify some details with you about this project, request, or meeting.’
  6. ‘I want to clarify my conditions, parameters, and/or constraints, so that we are both in agreement.’
  7. ‘I am not the right person for this, and here is a suggestion of who might be.’
  8. ‘I cannot agree to the whole task, but I can agree to take on one part.’
  9. ‘No, I simply can’t say ‘Yes’.’ (This is my personal favorite).
  10. ‘I can easily say ‘Yes’ to this because I know exactly what it entails.’

Say one or more of these in the next day or so and see what happens. Be clear on your intent to be more productive. If you need a reminder on these, just print out this page and display it somewhere so you can see it when you need it.

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