Top Ten Productivity Tips to Reduce Complexity by Mindfully Making Choices to Stay “Just Whelmed” by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.

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Apr 8th, 2013
  1. mindfulLimit your choices where you can.  Start looking for those places where you can cut back on the complexity of what you’re even encountering.
  2. Recognize which choices are worth it and which ones are not.  Focus on the important ones and let the other ones go.
  3. If you are perseverating over a choice, say – out loud! – “Stop It!” (and watch the Bob Newhart “Stop It” video; just 6 minutes and completely worth it.  I promise you it’s worth every second.)
  4. Give your children (or those who act like children) fewer choices.  Two choices is a fine number of choices.
  5. When you really feel like you can’t decide, flip a coin.  This works great when you have two choices because you will know when the coin is in the air which way you hope it falls.
  6. Unsubscribe from catalogs (regular mail or email) that perpetuate too many choices.
  7. If you live with someone who can’t make a choice and it drives you nuts, make the choice for that person or don’t even offer the choice.  Present the decision as a “done deal.”
  8. If you drive others crazy because of your reluctance to choose, let them choose (and then be “good” with it!)
  9. If a choice matters to you, make it – or forever hold your peace.
  10. Be thankful that you live in a country that allows you the choices that you have.  Make sure to acknowledge your gratitude and recognize that you are among the minority in the world given the choices you have.

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