Revamp Your Business Card by Mary Cantando

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Oct 30th, 2013

Business cardI recently presented at the Enterprising Women of the Year Annual Awards in Miami and came home with over 100 business cards. As I looked through them, I struggled to remember who some of these women were because they had such boring business cards.

If you want people to follow up with you, you have to be memorable, and to do this, your card has to stand out. If you don’t have a GREAT card–one that people comment on–revamp it today!

Here are 10 tips to create a great, memorable card.

  1. Give yourself a creative title. My title is “Growth Expert.” I selected that because that’s how women business owners think of me.
  2. Be clear about what you do. This is especially important if you’ve got a company name like Jones & Associates. Is it a law firm, an accounting firm, a consulting firm? Who can tell?
  3. Create a card that stands out. Make it oversized or maybe an unusual shape. I met a woman in California who does custom bra fittings and her business card is shaped like a…you know what’s coming her, right…a BRA. That was six months ago and I still remember her and her card.
  4. Pick a signature color and stick with it. My color is green. I have three different business cards and they are all green. They’re not exactly the same, but go together like members of the same family.
  5. Include all your social media info. Besides including your standard info, add your cell phone number, consider listing your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  6. Print it on the highest quality card stock available. I once had my cards printed on flimsy cardstock to save $50. Do you believe it? 50 bucks! Quality business cards are not a cost, they are an investment.
  7. Don’t use an “I’m not a real business” email address. Don’t use a gmail or AOL email address on your cards. This sends a message that you’re a woman who WANTS to be in business, rather than a serious professional.
  8. Provide something of value on your card. You might include a tip or idea, or a valuable link. One of my cards provides a discount code good for any of my web-based products.
  9. Print them in bulk. Once you’ve got a card that you love, have a LOT of them printed and give them out like water.
  10. Stand out from the crowd. Be so different that everyone you give your card to wants to show it to everyone they know. I did that with the bra card!

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