Service Providers for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals by Betty Mahalik

By admin
Feb 26th, 2013

accountantAlmost every day, if you’re a business owner, you’ll run into something that requires the expertise or services of another professional. One reason why networking groups have sprouted up like weeds after a summer rain is because there are services that almost all of us will need at some time in our professional lives. And who among us really wants to take the random chance of the phone book or internet to find such a trusted advisor? Here is a list of what I consider the Top Ten service providers for professionals. You may not need all of them right now but as someone has said, “the time to dig your well is before you need the water!”

Start reaching out and asking others who they use for these vital services. These professionals can become trusted allies, a “round table” of sorts, as well as an incredible source of referrals back to you. By the way, when it comes to your “inner circle” make sure you’re working with people whose standards and values reflect your own. Make a list of the qualities that are “must haves” in working with other professionals. One of my most important criteria is that I be able to reach them personally by phone. I’m not interested in an impersonal 1-800 line for my financial advice or internet service provider. I have a computer tech who answers his own phone and in many instances walks me through the “fix” on the phone, saving me time and money, and frankly saving his technicians for bigger clients who need more time and labor-intensive services. Here is my list:

  1. Banker

  2. Marketing Strategist and/or Publicist/PR Professional

  3. Virtual Assistant (VA)

  4. Bookkeeper and/or Accountant

  5. Insurance professional

  6. Attorney

  7. Professional Coach (really!)

  8. Financial Advisor

  9. Computer tech

  10. Internet Service Provider

So start today to build your professional support team because the time to dig your well is before you need the water! One other benefit of having an A+++ list of top professionals is that you become the “go to” person that others turn to when they need a referral, and that, can have huge pay-offs.

Have a prosperous and powerful week!

© Betty Mahalik.  Betty founded her coaching and training company, Dynamic Solutions, in 1987 as a way to help individuals and teams transform their potential into performance. She is a life and business coach, published author, and frequently sought-after speaker, trainer and facilitator. Her focus is on goal-setting, stress management, powerful presentation skills and emotional intelligence. Betty writes a weekly motivational e-newsletter titled Monday Morning Coach. You can subscribe to MMC or learn more about Betty at

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