Using Social Media to Increase Sales by Alice Heiman

By admin
Feb 26th, 2013
  1. social mediaMake a plan – Social media is not something you do in your spare time, it is part of your sales and marketing plan.

  2. Be strategic – Make the best use of social media for your business, don’t do something just because you see others doing it.

  3. Don’t sell – That seems contrary to what one would think and to what most people do but it is essential.

  4. Build relationships – Just like in real life, get to know the people on your social media pages.

  5. Make connections – Don’t just haphazardly make or accept connection requests, find your target audience and go after them.

  6. Interact – Watch your news feed and click “Like” or make a comment.

  7. Promote others – Find ways to promote your followers.

  8. Add Value – If you are not adding value, no one will buy from you.  Since you are not selling, you must add value in order to generate leads.  Give them your very best tips and ideas.

  9. Start conversations – The most successful social media marketers have great conversations going on.  Ask questions, be controversial.

  10. Make special offers to followers – Keep your followers engaged by adding value, having conversations and by making special offers that they can’t get anywhere else.

© Alice Heiman.  Known as the Sales Connector, Alice Heiman knows how to get you connected in a way that builds relationships that lead to sales. Small business owners nationwide appreciate Alice’s straight forward “how to” style of communication that takes them step-by-step through what it takes to get connected to increase sales. Her one-to-one sales coaching and her Sales Success Groups have helped many clients exceed their sales goals. Visit her website for articles on sales and sales management and for weekly insights on selling subscribe to her blog

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