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Dec 23rd, 2013

As a coach, you are likely working from your home.  In some ways, that can make it even easier for the clutter to accumulate.  But, you can take care of it if you follow these ten tips from premiere “declutterer,” Rita Emmett:

  1. Ask a “non-clutter friend” to help you sort through your closet or other clutter. Some people will be delighted to help you de-clutter. All you need from them is help in deciding what to keep or not keep.
  2. Find a person or organization that will love & cherish your stuff as much as you do. That makes it easier to say good-bye to things you don’t use or need.
  3. Decide on one place to put your keys (a hook or bowl near the door, a certain section of your purse) and cultivate the habit of putting them there always.
  4. Every day, before turning on your computer, toss or put away three things on your desk.
  5. Have company over once in a while so the house gets cleaned.
  6. When you want to buy something – no matter how sensational or adorable it is – think about whether you have a place to put it. Even if it’s the greatest bargain in the world, don’t buy it if you don’t have a place for it. What a life changing way to think!
  7. When you buy 1 thing, get rid of 1 thing. (a toy for a toy, a shoe for a shoe). Every day, before turning on your computer, toss or put away three things on your desk.  Note:  You could teach your children this, too.
  8. Always open mail next to a wastebasket. Get BIG wastebaskets for every place in your home that you need to encourage tossing or recycling paper, magazines, catalogues, newsletters, newspapers or other paper clutter.
  9. Pay bills, fold laundry, sort through catalogues & magazines, and so forth during TV commercials or while visiting on the phone.
  10. Live simply so that others might simply live.  See if this is a practice that will serve you and your clients.

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