Supporting Teenage Students by Jennifer Blakely

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Oct 21st, 2013
Teen studentNote from Meggin:  Use this for yourself – or share these ideas with your students’ parents.
  1. Have a schedule as to when your teenager should be working on homework. If he or she claims there is no homework, have them use this time to study or to read. An established schedule is very important and will build study skills for when your teenager becomes a college student.
  2. Ensure that your teenager has a quiet place to study. This study area should be free from distractions and be supplied with basic school supplies.
  3. Check that your teenager has a sturdy book bag or back pack. This should be cleaned out weekly.
  4. Talk to your teens about school. Ask them if there is anything you can do to support them.
  5. Communicate with your teenager’s teachers. These days, practically all teachers have a school e-mail address. Take advantage of this and when concerned, contact the teacher.
  6. Encourage your teenager to participate in extra curricular activities and/or sports. Research shows that students who participate in school activities are more involved in school, have better attendance, and receive better grades.
  7. Take advantage of school-site tutoring. Many schools offer after-school tutoring for free.
  8. Celebrate your teenager’s success at school. For some students, a C+ on a test is an accomplishment. Congratulate the achievement. Positive reinforcement from parents is priceless. Next time, it may be a B.
  9. Encourage learning at home. It will be easier for a teenage to sit and study if you are reading yourself. Turn off the TV and enjoy a good book.
  10. Hire an academic coach!
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