Things to Lose to Increase Focus by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

Mar 11th, 2014

Part of the reason we don’t focus as much as we need to (and want to) is because there are all kinds of distractions that pull away our physical, emotional, and intellectual attention.  Look around your work space (office, lab, or wherever you do your main work) and see if you find any of these ten items.  Then, get rid of them right away and see what a difference it makes.

  1. Books that you bought and don’t need, want, or read.
  2. Gadgets that no longer work or that no longer serve your research or teaching.
  3. Anything past its expiration date.
  4. Food items that you never intend to eat.
  5. Worn out briefcases, totes, or bags.
  6. Extra nametags from all the conferences and meetings you’ve attended.
  7. Computer software (including the CDs, manuals, boxes, etc.) particularly if you never even loaded them onto your computer!
  8. Computers, mice, printers, keyboards, phones, cords, etc. that you no longer use.
  9. Tired or dried out plants.
  10. Trinkets, knick knacks, or memorabilia that either have no personal meaning or that you have too many of.

I feel quite sure that you have some or all of these items within your workspace.  Take 15″ – 30″ and see how many of them you can gather up.  Put them on a table out in the hall and I guarantee you, someone else will pick them up and put them in their workspace.  That’s not your problem.  It’s now theirs!  You can then get back to work – and focus more fully on what it is that you need to do.  I guarantee it.

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