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Dec 10th, 2013

Productivity is a personal thing. For me, I struggle with focus. I have periods of feeling so very productive – kind of like I want to conquer the world. Then later that day … well …

But here are the tips and tools that I have on my daily radar:

  1. Take the Hike.  Maybe not a full scale hike, but periodically walking away from the mental engagement you are tied up in releases the grip and allows perspective. Ahh.
  2. Quell the Noise.  Learn to turn off the outside interruptions. Mindfulness exercises like meditating works well. Just because the world around you seems like a frenzy does not mean it is required of you. Resist the urge to spin-up.
  3. Read the Book.  Set aside 1 hour each day to read. At least 30 minutes must be dedicated to a business or professional book.
  4. Map the Mind.  Use mind mapping as an organizational tool. Even if the map changes quickly, use it as a focus tool.
  5. Work the Body.  And you know what … whatever you define as “fit” is fine.
  6. Allow the Mistakes.  It’s okay to be a little imperfect.
  7. Define the Person.  Know who you are, including which traits are developing and which are just you. Articulate your leadership style, your boundaries of tolerance, and your values.
  8. Stretch the Imagination.  Identify one creativity project each week. Using different parts of your brain brings a sense of whole-life living and encourages problem-solving in all areas.
  9. Drink the Wine.  Use your social network. Indulge in relaxation. Keep up with your friends.
  10. Embrace the You.  Like your mom used to say, just be yourself.

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