To-Do List (Part 2) by Carrie Greene

By admin
Apr 9th, 2014

Just having something on your to-do list does not mean you’ll get it done. Try these 10 strategies to help motivate you to get started and follow through on your tasks.

  1. Make sure you have a good understanding of what is expected of you. If you’re not sure, then the task to include on your to-do list needs to be to learn more about what has to be done not the task itself.
  2. Use action words when describing a task. Instead of just writing “Fred” on your list write “Call Fred and schedule follow up meeting” You might want to even add Fred’s phone number and when you plan to make the call.
  3. Know yourself and take your energy levels and habits into consideration when scheduling a task. For instance, are you a morning person? If so schedule more difficult things in the morning.
  4. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have…when you tell yourself that you can do something you can.
  5. Keep in mind what having the task completed will do for you. Do the task for reasons that matter to you, not because someone told you to.
  6. Do something, anything. By doing something, it really doesn’t matter what; you will often gain the momentum you need to keep going.
  7. Break up large tasks into smaller ones. It’s very hard to find large blocks of time to accomplish whole projects. Instead break up these tasks into smaller chunks by asking yourself: “What is one thing I can do to advance this project one step?”
  8. Assign a set amount of time to work (15 minutes, ½ an hour, 1 hour…) and commit to working on your project of that amount of time. Set a timer for yourself and stop when the timer goes off.
  9. Deadlines are great motivators but even more important is to set a time to actually do the work.
  10. Find someone to be accountable to, a friend, colleague, a coach, a partner and tell that person what your plan is and how and when you are going to accomplish it.

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