Working With Your Significant Other by Kim Grist

By admin
Mar 25th, 2013

spousesDo you ever hear “I couldn’t stand being around my spouse 24/7?” No way could I work with him/her and stay in a relationship with that person, too. Well, it is possible with a bit of humor and desire.

  1. It was common for Ma and Pa businesses at one time, but not any longer. Remember you and your partner are special and working together has been around for decades. Don’t let others tell you a marriage and business partnership won’t work.

  2. Remember that the bedroom is a place for rest and pleasure. Not a place to bring work home to.

  3. If in a heated argument, disagreement or discussion about work, call an end to it, and announce it is now husband and wife time. Sometimes you need to announce the change of roles from business partners to life partners.

  4. HUMOR. Don’t forget to laugh over things at work and home.

  5. You chose this partner, don’t let work situations get in the way of reminding yourself that this is the person you want to wake up to and dance with.

  6. Before you get angry over business or personal items, talk about it. Yes, the saying Men are from Mars and Women from Venus is true. You might have to spell it out to the other person but it is worth it to help clear the air.

  7. Many couples understand that money matters are one of the main reasons for break up. Then, add not only your personal finances but those of the business, too and you have the potential for some “disagreements.” Have weekly meetings (discussions), so neither person can be blindsided about finances.

  8. If you drive to and from work with each other, get a spiral notebook and pen to keep handy in your car. I can’t tell you how many wonderful ideas pop up when you are away from home and work, but by the time you get to work you can’t remember even one of them.

  9. Have specific jobs at both home and work. Knowing how to cover for the other is just good team work.

  10. Can’t say it enough. Remember to tell each other “I LOVE YOU” throughout the day. A code you come up with is easily texted or emailed to each other works too.

We have been working together 24/7 since April 2006 and I can’t imagine working or living without my spouse by my side.

Tragic note about our guest author:  She lost her beloved husband recently (after writing this article) and my heart goes out to her.

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