Achieve Peaceful Productivity by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

In General
Sep 8th, 2013

Woman working peacefullyPeaceful productivity has been one of my goals and intentions for the last several years. Each year I move closer to having peaceful productivity throughout the days, weeks, and months of my life, although I’m not there yet. Here are some of the ways I am making progress toward having this as an omnipresent state.

  1. Define what “peaceful productivity” is for you.
  2. Have peaceful productivity as an intention.
  3. Clear out excess tasks from your life.
  4. Clear out excess responsibilities from your life.
  5. Clear out excess people from your life.
  6. Clear out excess chores from your life.
  7. Clear out excess “stuff” from your life and space.
  8. Create an environment that supports peaceful productivity.
  9. Realize that peaceful productivity is a journey not a destination.
  10. Stay aware that peaceful productivity is not a constant but it becomes moreso as you make the changes that support it.

It is worth the effort, thought, and communication it takes to make the changes. I promise.

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