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Jan 26th, 2014

Now freely available… with my compliments.

Top Ten Productivity Tips: The Collection

Top Ten Productivity Tips – the Original Series

If you want over 550 practical, immediately-implementable tips to read, print, and/or post as reminders, then you will want the brand new publication,  Top Ten Productivity Tips – The Collection!

Learn ideas for yourself and ideas that help to position you as a productive leader in your personal and professional life.


The Compendium of Productivity Tips for Professors

The Compendium of Productivity Tips for Professors

If you want mindsets and strategies to support you in your office, your classroom, and your academic life, then this step-by-step guide is for you!

If you implemented one tip a day, you would get to try out a new idea daily for nearly 2 years!


“Oh gosh, where to start? The ways it has helped me to organize my desk, and ultimately, my thinking, have enhanced my productivity (as well as help me to pace myself better). The guest speakers on writing have helped enormously. I have passed them on as well to my doctoral students (with credit, of course!).”

~Beth Bonham, Indiana

Start spending your days, weeks, and months more productively.