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Jan 26th, 2014

meggin_headshot_outdoors_rectangular_2Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.
Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

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Please contact us by emailing with your questions, comments, and suggestions. You may expect a response within 1–2 business days in nearly every instance.

My message was a “thank you” for your TTPT’s for Professors, especially this week’s. It was so on point for me, and I learned things that never occurred to me. Since I am distracted more than ever before as a new department chair with so many interruptions and new responsibilities, your tips helped me understand my dysfunction. I realize that I must take steps to gain control of my work load. I have had many embarrassing consequences, such as grammatical and structural writing errors (You’re so right!), among other mistakes, because of my disorganization.
new department chair


Meggin says, “I have been writing and publishing the Top Ten Productivity Tips  (the original series) since early 2004. I am happy to say that thousands of folks are subscribers and new people sign up each week.  We’re all learning together! “By late 2009, I knew I wanted to expand to serve even more folks who were interested in being more peacefully, predictably productive and thus, all 6 of the new series were created, and are continuing as we enter 2015.  Please explore the various series by clicking Home on the navigation bar.

Fan Comments

Hello Meggin,

I just had to let you know how much you are appreciated! Getting articles to us about so many useful things has been wonderful. Keep up the GREAT work – we all see how very hard you work.

Many thanks,
Marilyn Garner

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