Delegating to “Shared” People by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

In General
Dec 10th, 2013

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have people who work for you and you are the only one who is delegating to them.  More often, however, you are one of many who delegates to these people.  When this is the case, different strategies must be employed for maximum productivity.

  1. Be sure you are delegating to the right person.
  2. Make sure your directions are clear (preferably in writing).
  3. Give a deadline and ask whether it is realistic. Be polite.
  4. Be ready to be a problem solver with the person to whom you are delegating.
  5. Strive for maximum clarity on what you need.
  6. When your work takes precedence over someone else’s, stick up for that fact. When it doesn’t, acknowledge that graciously.
  7. Know that there are politics involved and be ready to address the issues.
  8. Do not delegate what you should be doing yourself.
  9. Notice when everyone’s deadlines are converging and make every effort to delegate in a timely fashion.
  10. Kind words (and chocolate!) can go a long way.

Deputize... Then DelegateRemember that early on in the Top Ten Productivity Tips series, I encouraged you to do what only you can do. Delegation helps that become reality. To learn the specifics of delegation, sign up for the 2-part teleseminar “Deputize…Then Delegate.” All of us have the option to deputize others to handle tasks, projects, and appearances in our stead. What some of us don’t have is a clear sense of who, what, when, where, why, and how to delegate.