People to Whom You Can Delegate by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

In General
Oct 1st, 2013

DelegateOne of the issues that gets in people’s way when they hear about “delegating” is that they don’t have anyone to whom they can delegate. I would ask that you consider these possibilities for “delegatees“:

  1. People who are paid by your company, institution, or agency.
  2. People that *you* hire to assist you.
  3. People who want to do an internship with you or who want to shadow you.
  4. Companies that provide services (cleaning, virtual assistant, etc.).
  5. Temp agencies.
  6. Young people who want to earn additional money.
  7. Immediate family members.
  8. Friends.
  9. Extended family members.
  10. Acquaintances.

Remember, we need to do what “only we can do,” and often we need to delegate tasks to others both for their benefit and for ours. There will be more on delegation in upcoming Top Tens, but for now, print out this list and write the names of at least 3 people next to the ones you can. For #4 and #5, look in the phone book or on-line for the names of companies and agencies that can help you be more peacefully productive. So now you have your list…make a call to at least one person and ask for help. And then call another person to help with something else. Peaceful productivity is waiting for you. To learn the specifics of delegation, access the teleworkshop entitled “Deputize…Then Delegate.” You’ll receive a hefty handout packet and downloadable MP3s–a total of 5 hours of instruction. It will make a world of difference.

Deputize... Then DelegateRemember that early on in the Top Ten Productivity Tips series, I encouraged you to do what only you can do. Delegation helps that become reality. To learn the specifics of delegation, sign up for the 2-part teleseminar Deputize…Then Delegate. All of us have the option to deputize others to handle tasks, projects, and appearances in our stead. What some of us don’t have is a clear sense of who, what, when, where, why, and how to delegate.