Creating Products with Your Signature System by Elizabeth Purvis

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Mar 8th, 2013

signatureWe spirit-rich entrepreneurs are a multi-passionate bunch. (If your impressive resume includes several modalities – “coaching and feng shui with a dash of astrology on the side” – or if you’ve ever registered for a training just because it sounded like fun, you know what I’m talking about.)

I believe our multi-passionate nature is one of our biggest strengths as healers and change agents. Unfortunately, though, it can also get in our way, big time. Check out the website of many a spirit-rich entrepreneur and you’re likely to see a collection of “stuff”: some 1-on-1 coaching here, maybe a downloadable audio there, a few low-cost workshops… all on different topics.

Here’s the problem: all that “stuff” is preventing your ideal clients from understanding how you can help them. Worse, it actually destroys your credibility. (If they’re not outright thinking “How good can she be if she’s doing a zillion different things?” you can bet it’s seeping in on a subconscious level.) And let’s face it – creating the content for all these different things chews up waaaaay too much time.

The solution is to apply your many passions to the service of ONE problem, then create a step-by-step solution to that problem – a “signature system.” With a signature system, your clients get what you do immediately and very quickly become pre-sold on hiring you because they see exactly how you can help them get what they want.

Best of all, once you have a “sig system” in your back pocket, you now have endless ways to add big paydays to your business without a lot of extra work. Instead of taking a year to write an ebook (ugh!), you can kick out offers in just a couple of weeks – sometimes as little as a day. Why? Because your system is already created!

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a quick checklist of 10 income streams you can create from a single signature system.

  1. High-end private coaching program. The quickest and simplest to implement, and the very first place to start with your new “sig system.”

  2. Group programs. Once you’ve taken a few clients through your system, you can easily modify it to serve a group.

  3. Certification programs. These are hot right now! Teaching and licensing others your system is truly creating revenue while you sleep.

  4. VIP day or retreat, in person virtual. Take your client through your entire system in a focused day or couple of days. This highly focused, intimate, fast way of working is one that your clients will love.

  5. Homestudy course. Perfect for “do it yourself” clients or those who really want your help but can’t work with you personally.

  6. Teleseminar series. Walk your peeps through your system step-by-step in an intensive telephone course. Clients love this because they get to experience your energy. Don’t forget to include at least one Q+A call!

  7. “Bootcamp” style programs. How about creating a 60-day or 90-day program that includes some focused support? These can be done in person or virtual. Support options include a series of laser coaching/Q+A calls, accountability forms, homework buddies, a small group mastermind, etc.

  8. In-person workshop or seminar. There is nothing like the in-person experience! And you’ll pick up clients when you include a “here’s how we can work together further” offer from the stage.

  9. Irresistible free taste. Use your system to build your list by creating a “free taste” offer on your website. (This leads to revenue because your taste will include an invitation to work with you.)

  10. Preview teleseminar. Use your system to fill your next program! Focus on the juiciest content – the questions your clients really want answered. (What they want, not what you think they need.)

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