Feeling Great About Your Day by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.

By meggin@meggin.com
Aug 19th, 2013

Woman smiling.There are plenty of people, situations, world events, and so forth that could cause you to feel crummy (or worse) about your day. To be productive, it helps when you feel great about your day. Here are ten such ideas. Generate as many more as you can.

  1. Tip more than is expected. Significantly more.

  2. Treat yourself as if you’re worth it.

  3. Be as patient with your family and loved ones as you are with your teachers, parents, and students.  (and obviously, I’m assuming you are the paragon of patience with these three groups <smile>).

  4. Treat time as more valuable than money. “Spend” some time on yourself.

  5. Remember how you are making a difference through your work and/or personal life.

  6. Be gracious to everyone around you, especially those who are somewhat or significantly younger or older than you are.  Schools give you the perfect opportunity for this practice.

  7. Write things on your “to-do” list that you did that day and then cross them off.

  8. Consider what you have to be thankful for–both the “big” things and the “small” things.

  9. Bake cookies or make a crock pot of soup and give some to your neighbors or bring it to school.  WOW!  The principal baking or cooking?!  Yummy!  What a treat!!

  10. Hug someone who needs it (especially your pets)!

These ten work, and you probably have ten more. Keep this list handy. Some days you might need reminding.

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