Tips for Women of a Certain Age: Feng Shui Alternatives to Face Lift by Adele Trebil

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Jan 17th, 2014

Ladies, in today’s challenging world, we’d all appreciate tips that make our lives easier. After 20 years as a national Feng Shui consultant and trainer, here are ten Feng Shui gems that I’d like to pass along. Enjoy your freeing Feng Shui experience.

  1. Claim a private area of your home as your personal “sanctuary.” Spend at least 15-30 minutes a day here, quietly. Surround this space with things that nurture you and include all your senses: slight, smell, sounds, taste, and touch.
  2. Add “round,” “oval,” and “s-shapes” to your favorite rooms. Avoid areas that are dominated by squares and hard angled geometric shapes (these are too “yang” and do not include the more feminine/you shapes).
  3. The North part of your home or office has strong creativity/writing/creative expression energy in 2010. Go to this area to tap into your creative juices. Add a live plant or cut flowers to super charge creative visions at the north.
  4. Create a seating arrangement that puts you in the center of a circle. Energy flows to the center of a circle in nature. Park yourself in this kind of a circle arrangement whenever you’re dragging, and feel the “energizer bunny” pop back into your body.
  5. Move your bed out from under ceiling beams or downward sloped ceilings. You’ll sleep better and wake up without those dark circles under your eyes.
  6. Maintain a large, Technicolor picture of something you’ve always dreamed of in the far left corner of a room you frequent daily. Make it juicy. Look at it a lot.
  7. Avoid sitting in areas with large widows on one side and doors on the other. This feels like a freeway. Just like too much time on a busy highway, this will drain you.
  8. Locate a beautiful picture of nature, rather than a mirror, across from your bed.
  9. Choose a cushy chair with rounded arms and a random U-shaped body as your favorite chair. This represents the “embrace,” one of the most nurturing forms. You will feel nurtured.
  10. Choose a balance of both yin (passive, dark, low, round) and yang (active, light, height, angular) accents to decorate your home and office to create ultimate balance and to move energy.

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