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Mar 15th, 2014

Note from Meggin: 

I am including this because when I received this at year end this last year, I knew the ideas were wonderful and I wanted to be able to share them.  Harrah agreed!  So, take the ideas and apply them whenever you receive this and you’ll find value!

As the year comes closer to an end, with only a few days left, I would like you to think back on the goals and wishes you had for this past year. I know it’s difficult to remember, heck, I can barely remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

The reason I want you to review what goals you had for the last year is so you can give thought to how many of those goals and wishes actually came to fruition, and whether or not you would like to add your goals and wishes to your upcoming wish-list, because if you do, I have a very simple and easy Feng Shui way for you to put your goals and wishes into place.

Just like gardeners who every season plant the seeds for their new crops to grow, you too, can plant your seeds (your personal goals, dreams and wishes) and watch them grow! Below are a few of my favorite tips for creating a wonderful home which can help you attract a wonderful life!

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write out your top 27 goals, dreams or wishes. Why 27? Because in Feng Shui, 27 represents completion; completion of your goals, dreams, and wishes coming to fruition.
  2. When your list is complete, take a magic marker and write across the paper DONE! Thank You! Then sign it and date it.
  3. Next, take your fabulous list and wrap it in a piece of tinfoil. Why tinfoil? Because in Feng Shui, the tinfoil acts as a metal conductor for conveying your messages to the heavens, including your goals, wishes and dreams. Just imagine a wonderful, little treat, wrapped in foil.
  4. Now that your list is written, signed and dated, and wrapped in tinfoil, place your “package” in a drawer closest to where you sleep, such as in a nightstand.
  5. Now this part is the most difficult; just leave it alone. That’s right, you’ve set it (your intentions,) now just forget it, and let it – develop. Gardeners don’t pull up their seeds to see if they’re growing and neither should you pull up your goals, dreams, and wishes to see what they’re doing. You may open your package at the end of this year. And I bet you will have reason to celebrate!
  6. Next, name your home. I learned this while studying Feng Shui in China. Give your home a name that represents the energy you would like it to possess. Use words that define your home such as, palace, manor, etc. For example, my last home was known as “Laramie Cottage,” and it truly took on the ambiance of a romantic cottage, filled with flowers, white picket fence and love, just like something out of a Thomas Kinkade picture. There are no strict rules when it comes to naming your home, just be creative and choose a name that you love.
  7. Set your clocks to the correct time and not a few minutes ahead. When your clock is not set at the correct time, the message being sent to the Universe is: “Now is not the right time.” This is a simple and easy technique that will help put YOU in the right place at the right time.
  8. In feng shui, lights are symbolic of “enlightenment.” Make sure all light bulbs and light fixtures both inside and outside are working properly, this way you won’t be feeling “left in the dark.”
  9. Releasing the past opens the door for your present to appear! You can easily and effortlessly shift the energy of your home. Simply, burn nine tea light candles on a plate along with your intention of releasing the old and welcoming in the new. Nine represents completion and when you burn nine candles you are signifying the completion of a cycle. This is especially helpful when something is your life has ended such as a relationship or a job and you are ready to enjoy a new fabulous lifestyle.  Note:  Do not leave candles unattended.
  10. To raise your energy and your spirits; repair, replace or remove anything in your home that is broken. A home filled with broken items, breaks down your energy and leaves you feeling drained. Take good care of your home, and it will take good care of you!

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