Getting a Great Evaluation by Sue Vaughn

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Apr 13th, 2014

Obviously the way to a great evaluation is to be a great teacher; however, sometimes great teachers don’t get great evaluations. Try these tips to guarantee your excellent evaluation.

  1. Ask the “best” teachers in your school if you can observe them (at their convenience). When you discuss the observation, ask what these teachers are certain to do during an evaluation.
  2. If a pre-conference isn’t required with your evaluator, request one. Ask the evaluator what are the “must have” elements to a superior lesson.
  3. Have all the mandatory items at hand – lesson plan, seating chart, essential questions posted, etc.
  4. Get your room ready. If you don’t already have a “student center,” create one. Students should not interrupt your lessons for paper, pencils, tissues, staplers, hole punchers, etc.
  5. Get your students ready. Review procedures for asking questions, going to the restroom, what it looks like to be tardy, etc. The best way to get kids ready for an observation is to video a few prior lessons. Tell them it’s for your “professional portfolio” and this is how they should act for any guest in the room. Be especially certain to tell them that all phones must be OFF. Any texting will result in serious repercussions.
  6. Get your lesson ready. Don’t try something you’ve never previously attempted (unless you’re a seasoned teacher and pretty darn confident).
  7. Invite the evaluator to observe you. Say “Dr. Principal , I’ve got a great lesson planned for next Tuesday, would you like to come for an observation?”
  8. Go over your lesson plan with a trusted colleague prior to your observation. Does he/she have a suggestion?
  9. Get a good night’s sleep the night before.
  10. Have a “seat of honor” for your observer, preferably right next to a few of your best students.

Who doesn’t want to get a great evaluation? Use these productivity tips – and see if your evaluation is a better match for your great teaching!

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National Board Certified Teacher

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