Having An Energized Morning by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.

By meggin@meggin.com
Sep 16th, 2013

MorningWould you like to have a calm, organized morning so you can have a smooth transition and be energized for your school day?  Read on and perhaps these tips will help.

  1. Decide the night before what you are going to wear, including jewelry and/or other accessories.  Not only does it take less time in the evenings to do this, the light is usually better and it’s one less task and decision you have to make in the morning.
  2. And don’t just decide.  Actually lay everything out (now there’s a concept).
  3. Clean up your kitchen the night before (who wants to face that first thing in the morning).  This is a fine job for someone else in your house, by the way.  It doesn’t have to be you.  But it does have to be cleaned up so you don’t see a mess first thing.
  4. Set two alarms if you have trouble waking up.  That panicked feeling of oversleeping just starts off the day in a chaotic fashion, and remember, we’re trying to avoid this.
  5. Put one of your alarms in the kitchen (near the orange juice; that’s what I do).  If I can make it to the kitchen, pour a glass of orange juice and get it “down the hatch,” as my dad would say, then I’m actually up for the day.
  6. Get an automatic coffee maker or hot water heater so that your beverage of choice is all ready for you – or is getting ready for you as you get up.  The more you can have ready at night to be smoothly moving your morning routine along, the better it is for you and anyone else in your humble abode.
  7. Give yourself “pockets” (and we will be talking more about this idea in upcoming tip emails).  If you can’t wait to learn more, just go to Pumpernickel Publishing and you’ll see additional information there.
  8. Do first things first and “extras” at the end.  Beware of starting on projects in the morning and then not getting any breakfast.  It is far better to get bathed, get something to eat, get dressed, etc., and then if there’s time left over, start or work on a project.
  9. Have routines that work for you.  It doesn’t matter if it works for anyone else if it works for you.  (Note:  Yes, it is all about you in the morning if you are a teacher.  That’s my opinion, anyway!)
  10. If you have other people who live in your house, set up the “rules” for the bathroom.  Everyone deserves some time in the bathroom.

You might be a morning person or you might be an evening person.  Regardless, getting up and ready for your work day can be chaotic if you don’t take measures to keep chaos at bay.  Take a look at the list of tips from this week and see what needs to be in place for you.

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